"Science & Law"

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UIA Union Internationale des Avocats
Paolo Lombardi

Troverete ai seguenti link la registrazione dei panels del webinar organizzato da UIA che si è tenuto tra il 01 e il 04 settembre 2020 (Paolo Lombardi membro del comitato organizzatore):

• SESSIONE 1 - Unmanned Vessels: from Automation to Autonomy – Legal & Ethical Implications
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• SESSIONE 2 - Liberty, Identity, Laws in a World of Genes and Genomes
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• SESSIONE 3 - Telemedicine at a Tipping Point: The pandemic accelerated its spread, but what legal changes are needed to secure its successful future?
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• SESSIONE 4 - Environmental Protection and Climate Change - (How) can law respond to scientific challenges?
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• SESSIONE FINALE – Scientists and Lawyers: what they can tell each other?
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