Nicolò Maggiora

"Covid-19 and occupational health and safety: the latest news in relation to Green Pass and mandatory vaccination"

26/01/2022 - Webinar

Nicolò Maggiora will talk about the latest news in relation to Green Pass.
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Nicolò Maggiora - Paolo Andrea Ossola

"Reform of insolvency law. Main changes"

13/01/2022 - Webinar

Nicolò Maggiora and Paolo Andrea Ossola will talk about the main changes related to the reform of insolvency law.
The on-line event is reserved to companies associated with ANGAISA.

Cristina Martinetti

"Correction of the arbitral award. Challenges of the arbitral award. Recognition and enforcement of the foreign arbitral awards. Validity of foreign arbitral awards in Italy."

21/12/2021 - Webinar

Cristina Martinetti will be one of the speakers during the forth day of the course on arbitration organized by the Alessandria Bar and the Law School "Giorgio Ambrosoli".
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Paolo Lombardi

"Specialisation in the legal profession: a comparative approach"

13/12/2021 - Webinar

Paolo Lombardi will talk about che course of UIA (Union International des Avocats) Specialistic Training School on European Union law.

Paolo Lombardi

"International contracts and online sales to customers"

09/12/2021 - Webinar

Paolo Lombardi, in this second session of the webinar, will talk about the main issues concerning online sales to custumers.
This event is organized by ConCentro - Special Agency of...

XI AIA Conference "Evidence in arbitration"

03/12/2021 - Webinar

Elexi is proud to be one of the sponsors of the XI AIA Conference "Evidence in arbitration".
For further details, see the attached program.