Nicolò Maggiora - Emilio Paolo Villano

"E-commerce a 360° - I incontro"

21/05/2021 - Webinar

First webinar of a course including 4 meetings.
The title of this first event is: "What to do and how to do".
Nicolò Maggiora and Emilio Villano will talk about the main legislation as...

Nicolò Maggiora - Emilio Paolo Villano

"Appalto, subappalto e vendita di beni con posa in opera"

06/05/2021 - Webinar

The webinar aims to illustrate the operative aspects from the perspective of the company, with specific reference to tax related issues such as the correct application of VAT and the analysis of...

Cristina Martinetti

"Ordinamento e deontologia delle professioni forensi"

30/04/2021 - Webinar

Lecture series organized by the University of Turin - Law Department. Cristina Martinetti will talk about comparative profiles.

Cristina Martinetti


16/03/2021 - Webinar

Speech of Cristina Martinetti during the conference "Alternative dispute resolutions matters:arbitration and mediation".
See the attached programme.

Cristina Martinetti

"Le controversie arbitrabili: principi generali, controversie specifiche e il divieto di arbitrato per i diritti indisponibili"

11/03/2021 - Webinar

Cristina Martinetti will talk about disputes that can be resolved by arbitration in the course on arbitration organized by the Union of Accounting Experts of Turin (ODCEC Torino).
See the...

Cristina Martinetti

"I contratti di distribuzione"

16/02/2021 - On-line lesson

Cristina Martinetti will talk about distribution contracts at the lesson organized by the Turin Law School.