Paolo Lombardi

"The agency contract"

14/07/2020 - Seminar

Drafting and dealing with a commercial agency contract to correctly calculate the goodwill indemnity.
On the validity of the AECs.
Full programme at the following link:...

Paolo Lombardi

"News - Cancellation of flights due to COVID-19: substantive and private international law issues"

13/06/2020 - News

You will find the webinar registration at the following link:

Paolo Lombardi

"Cancellation of flights due to COVID-19: substantive and private international law issues"

01/07/2020 - Webinar

Paolo Lombardi will be moderator of this webinar organized by UIA.
The main issues are impacts of Covid-19 on air transportation.
See the following link:...

Nicolò Maggiora - Emilio Paolo Villano

"Corporate compliance: from 231 model to the GDPR by way of work safety and antitrust"

25/06/2020 - Webinar

Elexi is one of the organizing law firms involved in this webinar.
Moderator: Nicolò Maggiora.
Speaker: Emilio Paolo Villano.
See the attached program.

Nicolò Maggiora - Cristina Martinetti

"International commerce: news and future perspectives in the post-Covid world. A comparison between European lawyers"

23/06/2020 - Webinar

Webinar organized by Turin Bar, Fulvio Croce Foundation, AGAT and other law associations (see the attached program).
Nicolò Maggiora (AGAT President) will be moderator, Cristina Martinetti...

Cristina Martinetti

"Virtual hearings: present issues and future perspectives"

05/06/2020 - Webinar

Cristina Martinetti will talk about virtual hearings.
Webinar reserved for members of AIA and of the Commission on Arbitration and ADR ICC Italia.
See link:...