Emilio Villano

"Intangible assets and internationalization: implications and dispute resolution strategies"

23/01/2020 - Seminar

Emilio Villano will be moderator at the first session of the conference.
The event will take place at the Milan Chamber of Arbitration.
For further details, see the attached programme...

Nicolò Maggiora

"Lawyers’ rules of professional conduct: advertising, network and lawyers. Ten years later"

10/12/2019 - Seminar

Nicolò Maggiora is one of the speakers of this seminar organized by AGAT (Turin Young Lawyers Association).
The event will take place at the Turin Court.
See the attached program.

Paolo Lombardi

"International commercial contracts with Japanese counterparties: practical suggestions so as to operate safely"

04/12/2019 - Seminar

Speech during the conference "Focus Japan" organized by Centro Estero per l'Internazionalizzazione Piemonte (Agency for Investment, Export and Tourism).
See the attached program.

Cristina Martinetti

"The art of dispute resolution. Arbitration and ADR in art-related disputes"

19/11/2019 - Seminar

Cristina Martinetti will be moderator of the second roundtable during the seminar "The art of dispute resolution" which will take place today in The Hague.
See attached program.

Paolo Lombardi

"The international agency contract: main features"

14/11/19 - Seminar

Today Paolo Lombardi will talk about the international agency contract in Milan.
See the attached program.

Nicolò Maggiora

"News - ELSA (The European Law Students' Association)"

08/11/2019 - News

Nicolò Maggiora is one of the judges of the National Negotiation Competition oganized by ELSA, which will be held today 8 November at Fondazione Einaudi and tomorrow 9 November at Palazzo Capris...