Emilio Villano

"Building in Romania - Why, how and with what precautions"

26/09/2019 - Seminar

Emilio Villano will talk about FIDIC models in Bucarest.
See the attached program.

Cristina Martinetti

“A transnational approach: the practical use of Unidroit principles for international commercial contracts”

24/09/2019 - Seminar

Cristina Martinetti will be one of the speakers at the 25 September Seoul International Bar Association (IBA) panel on the UNIDROIT principles.

Nicolò Maggiora - Hidalgo Brovida

"Export and web. E-commerce legal issues"

18/09/2019 - Seminar

Nicolò Maggiora and Hidalgo Brovida will talk about e-commerce legal issues, with particular focus on the drafting of general terms and conditions of sale, on unfair terms, and on warranties at...

Paolo Lombardi

"News - UIA Italian National Committee Event"

13/09/2019 - Seminar

Paolo Lombardi will be present at the conference for the inauguration of the First Advanced Training Course of the UIA School (Italian National Committee) which will take place today in Florence....

Paolo Lombardi

"Training and internationalization of legal profession"

05/09/2019 - Seminar

Paolo Lombardi will be one of the speakers at the event called “Training and internationalization of legal profession” organized by the Union Internationale des Avocats.
The conference will...