"News - New Sabatini 2019"

11/02/2019 - News

Investments undertaken by small and medium enterprises for capital goods are financially supported by the Ministry of Economic Development in Italy.
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"News - EU competition rules on vertical agreements"

08/02/2019 - News

The Commission is conducting an evaluation concerning the rules on vertical agreements to gather evidence on the functioning of the VBER (Vertical Block Exemption Regulation), together with the...

"First thoughts on the reform of insolvency law"

01/02/2019 - Seminar

Elexi is happy to have Stefano Cerrato talking about the reform of insolvency law.


22/01/2019 - News

If a judge in a EU Member State breaches the rules concerning international lis pendens, the judgment may however be recognized and enforced in the other Member States:...

"News - Italian Antitrust Authority"

16/01/2019 - News

The Italian Antitrust Authority has recently concluded an investigation procedure sanctioning Lyoness Italia S.r.l. with a 3.200.000 euros fine because the promotional system used by said company...