Cristina Martinetti

"Expedited procedure simulation of the the Piedmont Chamber of Arbitration in the field of procurement"

22/05/2017 - Seminar

The Expedited Procedure provided by the Piedmont Chamber of Arbitration consents to obtain in a very short period of time (one or two hearings) an arbitral award which settle the dispute. During...

Paolo Lombardi

“The protection of the trade secret in the digital era”

19/05/2017 - Seminar

Speech during the conference “Transparency issues and trade secret”.
See attached programme.

Stefano A. Cerrato

“An evaluation of the case law in relation to corporate arbitration issues”

17/05/2017 - Seminar

Roundtable in the context of the meeting "Arbitration from the perspective of the judicial proceeding”. See attached programme.

Cristina Martinetti

“Company Arbitration: practical problems and perspectives”

15/05/2017 - Seminar

See attached programme.