Stefano A. Cerrato

"The Italian “contratto di rete” (network agreement): «à la carte» model: from contract to entity and… the way back"

28/03/2017 - Articolo

The paper analyses the new Italian network agreements rules; those rules were approved in 2009 but significantly amended in the following years. The author – moving from a reconstruction of the...

Stefano A. Cerrato

“The transfer of business in commercial law: controversial issues” "Il trasferimento d'azienda nel diritto commerciale: questioni controverse"

23/03/2017 - Seminar

Speech during the conference “The transfer of business: legal and business aspects”. See attached programme.

Cristina Martinetti

"Distribution contracts"

21/03/2017 - Seminar
Stefano A. Cerrato

"Another piece in the puzzle of the «new» Italian arbitration procedure: the relevance of the mandatory time-limit rules"

20/03/2017 - Articolo

The paper examines the Italian Supreme Court decision (Joint Sections) of July, 6th 2016, n. 13722 – Società cooperativa di abitazione Edera a r.l. (avv.Fierimonte) – Ciommi, Di Giovanni e Di...