Cristina Martinetti

"The other typical contractual forms: procurement, agency and supply contracts”

15/09/2017 - Seminar

Lesson for the Law School.

Federico Riganti

"Sharing economy: the UBER case"

21/07/2017 - Seminar

Speech during the conference "4th LSGL Academic Conference".

Cristina Martinetti - Nicolò Maggiora

“Export and web: legal issues related to e-commerce activities”

19/07/2017 - Seminar
Cristina Martinetti

"Arbitrators, lawyers and the Expedited Procedure"

11/07/2017 - Seminar

Speech during the event "Training for arbitrators and lawyers in arbitration proceedings. The Expedited Procedure: the award within 4 months". See attached programme.

Cristina Martinetti

"Advocacy and legal privilege. Relations between clients and counsel in arbitration"

23/06/2017 - Seminar

See attached programme.