Cristina Martinetti

"Independence and impartiality guarantees. Arbitration and family law."

24/05/2023 - Seminar

Cristina Martinetti will be moderator of the second panel discussion on arbitration and family law as part of the 7th Report on Arbitration organized by the National Arbitration Court.

Cristina Martinetti

"Legal Day Tech Venture Day Turin. Legal Tech: perspectives in Italy"

19/05/2023 - Seminar

Cristina Martinetti will be part of the panel discussion that will deal with the topic of legal tech perspectives.
The event is organized by University of Turin Law Department, ForJus Forum...

Cristina Martinetti - Paolo Andrea Ossola - Martina Moretto

"News on the way for cross-border conversions, mergers and divisions'"

16/05/2023 - Articolo

An in-depth article by Cristina Martinetti, Paolo Andrea Ossola and Martina Moretto has been published in Mercato Globale on Legislative Decree No. 19 of 2 March 2023, by which the Italian...

Cristina Martinetti

"In-house counsels and lawyers: professional experiences compared. Collaborations and differences for a legal dialogue"

15/05/2023 - Seminar

Event organized by Fulvio Croce Foundation and AGAT (Turin Young Lawyers Association) which will take place on May 15, 2023 from 16:00 to 18:30 in presence in Capris Palace and online.

Cristina Martinetti

“Deontological ethics of legal professions"

28/04/2023 - Lezione

Cristina Martinetti will talk about comparative profiles during a lecture series organized by the University of Turin - Law Department.

Cristina Martinetti

"Dispute resolution mechanisms supported by international conventions: is it time to revisit the pros and cons among arbitration, mediation and state courts?"

21/04/2023 - Seminar

Cristina Martinetti will be one of the speakers of the Panel 2 during the Ciarb European Branch Annual Conference & AGM (“The best international treaty for the best commercial dispute...