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"Science & Law"

Organizer / City: 
UIA Union Internationale des Avocats
Paolo Lombardi

You will find the panels' registrations of the webinar organized by UIA from September 01 to September 04, 2020 at the following link (Paolo Lombardi, member of the organizing committee):

• SESSION 1 - Unmanned Vessels: from Automation to Autonomy – Legal & Ethical Implications
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• SESSION 2 - Liberty, Identity, Laws in a World of Genes and Genomes
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• SESSION 3 - Telemedicine at a Tipping Point: The pandemic accelerated its spread, but what legal changes are needed to secure its successful future?
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• SESSION 4 - Environmental Protection and Climate Change - (How) can law respond to scientific challenges?
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• FINAL SESSION – Scientists and Lawyers: what they can tell each other?
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