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Cristina Martinetti

"Arbitration between theory and commercial practice"

03/05/2022 - Seminar

Cristina Martinetti will take part in the round table discussion on the volume "L'Arbitrato" (Arbitration) by Laura Salvaneschi and Andrea Graziosi, edited by Giuffré, 2020.
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Cristina Martinetti

“Deontological ethics of legal professions"

29/04/2022 - Lezione

Cristina Martinetti will talk about comparative profiles during a lecture series organized by the University of Turin - Law Department.

Cristina Martinetti

"Italy and Switzerland: A Comparative Perspective on Recent Arbitration Law Reforms"

26/04/2022 - Webinar

Cristina Martinetti will talk about "Corporate Law Claims in Arbitration" at the webinar organized by AIA with the Swiss Section.
For further details, see the attached programme.

"International contracts: Ukrainian war and sanctions"

12/04/2022 - News

ELEXI Studio Legale has prepared an Information Note and an Operational Vademecum about the effects of the ongoing Ukrainian war on international contracts and all the related restrictions adopted...

Nicolò Maggiora

"Nicolò Maggiora nominated Civil Area Coordinator of Scuola Forense (Law School)"

11/04/2022 - News

Nicolò Maggiora was nominated Civil Area Coordinator of Scuola Forense.
Scuola Forense (Law School) is a shared project of the Turin Bar's Council, AGAT (Turin Young Lawyers Association) and...

"Emergency in Ukraine"

08/03/2022 - News

ELEXI is supporting the many colleagues, dear friends, and the Ukrainian women and...