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Nicolò Maggiora

"How to sell agricultural food products abroad: legal framework and contractual clauses"

23/06/2021 - Webinar

Nicolò Maggiora will analyse Food industry and will talk about applicable law, dispute resolution and main clauses in international contracts.
For further information, see the following link...

Paolo Lombardi

""Delivery, transfer of risk and title in the international sale of goods""

21/06/2021 - Webinar

Paolo Lombardi will clarify and provide practical information on the drafting and use of the main clauses to be used in the contracts.
He will talk about the role that the ICC Incoterms®...

Nicolò Maggiora - Emilio Paolo Villano

"360-degreee e-commerce - IV webinar"

10/06/2021 - Webinar

Final webinar about e-commerce.
Today Nicolò Maggiora and Emilio Villano will talk about industrial and intellectual property protection.
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Cristina Martinetti - Nicolò Maggiora

"Export Contracts: How to write general conditions of sale"

09/06/2021 - Webinar

Cristina Martinetti and Nicolò Maggiora will talk about the drawing of general conditions of sale in the area of international commerce.

Paolo Lombardi

"Drafting and dealing with an agency contract"

09/06/2021 - Webinar

Paolo Lombardi will explore critical issues and social security contributions of the agency contract.
Full programme at the following link:...

Nicolo Maggiora - Emilio Paolo Villano

"360-degreee e-commerce - III webinar"

03/06/2021 - Webinar

Third webinar on e-commerce.
The title of the event is: "Different ways to do e-commerce and the relationship between e-commerce and traditional trade network".
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