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Cristina Martinetti

"Workshop on Transnational Law and Investment Contracts"

07/06/2022 - Workshop

Cristina Martinetti will talk about "Investment Contracts and Contract Law" during the workshop organized by ICC Institute and UNIDROIT.
For further details, see the attached programme.

"Elexi has been listed as a law excellence in 2022 by Il Sole 24 Ore"

30/05/2022 - News

Once again this year, Il Sole 24 Ore has published its ranking of the law firms that stood out in 2022 and we are honored to be part of them in the category of Litigation and Arbitration (see the...

"E(le)XIT: your way out - Payments and 'man in the middle'​ fraud"

11/05/2022 - Newsletter

The second chapter of our newsletter is now online. This month's legal tip is about "Payments and 'man in the middle'​ fraud", see the following link:...

Cristina Martinetti

"UNCC - 8th National Conference"

06/05/2022 - Congresso

Cristina Martinetti will talk about "Arbitration reform and the UNCC National Arbitration Court. The prospects and synergies with the Civil Chambers in the territory" at the 8th National...

"Newsletter - E(le)XIT: your way out"

02/05/2022 - Newsletter

ELEXI has launched its newsletter "E(le)XIT: your way out" through LinkedIn: based on real-life cases, we offer a series of simple legal tips, following a "diagnosis", "prognosis" and "therapy"...