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Cristina Martinetti

"AI & data analytics in arbitration"

17/03/2023 - Seminar

Cristina Martinetti will be discussant in the event dedicated to AI organized by the University of Turin.
For further details, see the attached programme.

Cristina Martinetti

"The role of institutional arbitration in the implementation of the reform"

27/02/2023 - Seminar

Cristina Martinetti will talk on the topic of institutional arbitration during the seminar "The Cartabia reform on arbitration" organised by the Turin Bar ADR Commission.
The event can be...

Cristina Martinetti

"Distribution contracts"

21/02/2023 - Lezione

Cristina Martinetti will talk about distribution contracts at the lesson organized by the Turin Law School.

Paolo Lombardi

"Legal aspects of e-commerce"

09/02/2023 - Webinar

Paolo Lombardi will talk about the legal regulation of online sales (both B2C and B2B) and the contractual tools needed to protect the company's position in the digital marketplace.

Cristina Martinetti

"The requirements for arbitrability: the availability of rights"

03/02/2023 - Seminar

Cristina Martinetti will talk about requirements for arbitrability during the course "Arbitration: clauses, procedure and latest news for statutes and contracts".
The event is organized by...

"AIA/CAM Pre-Moot 2023"

02/02/2023 - News

Elexi is proud to be one of the sponsors of the AIA-CAM Pre-Moot 2023 (8th Edition). The event will take place in Rome on February 23-24, 2023.