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Emilio Paolo Villano

"News - V Encuentro de Capitulos Internationacionales del Club Espanol del Arbitraje"

05/10/2018 - Seminar

We are pleased to announce that Elexi will be one of the official sponsors of the conference organized by the Club Español del Arbitraje. The seminar will take place in Rome on October 5, 2018 at...

Hidalgo Brovida

"News - AIJA Double Seminar"

04/10/2018 - Seminar

Elexi is proud to announce that it will be one of the sponsors of AIJA Double Seminars. This year they will take place in Turin on October 4-6, 2018.
The titles of the seminars are: 1....

Cristina Martinetti

"ArbIt roundtable: selecting, analysing and drafting arbitration agreements"

25/09/2018 - Seminar

Speech during the course: "Certitificate in international commercial and investment arbitration. Theory and Practice. 5th Edition".
See attached programme.

Angelo Torrente

"Rebalancing against US Section 232 measures: a first analysis"

22/09/2018 - Seminar

Speech during the conference: "Managing international economic (dis)integration: challenges and opportunities".
See attached programme.

Cristina Martinetti

"The future of the Lawyer Social Security Fund"

14/09/2018 - Seminar

See attached programme

Cristina Martinetti

"Lawyer Social Security Fund. Why vote… and who to vote for?"

11/09/2018 - Seminar

See attached programme.