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Back in 2014, a new law firm was born in Turin. It was the result of believing in the idea of presenting a new player on the scene, compact in its size and with an international character.
We named it ELEXI.
We are lawyers in a town famous for its commercial tradition and international links. Facing issues of antitrust, international trade contracts, litigation and arbitration, companies and corporate groups are aware they can rely on our accurate and careful assistance. In 2018 we decided to expand our practice in the very heart of Europe by launching our Brussels Desk, the hub for our clients’ needs in the field of EU law and regulatory affairs.

Tradition is what shaped us: a small and dynamic team of experts passionate about the future.

Cristina Martinetti

European Law Group Meeting

News - 08/09/2023
Nicolo' Maggiora

"Cheching contracts and general conditions and reporting critical issues"

Webinar - 25/09/2023
Cristina Martinetti

"The appointment of arbitrators, their declaration of independence and impartiality...

Seminar - 27/09/2023